About Me

I'm a first-year PhD student in the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. My primary research interests are in optimization and machine learning, particularly for applications in healthcare and medicine. I recently graduated with a BS in Computer Science and Applied Math from Johns Hopkins.

Ongoing Research

Hospital Resource and Demand Redistribution for COVID-19

Developing models to make optimal patent and resource transfers between hospitals to reduce the burden of COVID-19 on healthcare systems.

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Phantom Alignment Strength in Weakly Correlated Graphs

Investigating seeded graph matching for weakly-correlated graphs.

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Completed Projects

Detecting Sickle-Cell Retinopathy

Using deep learning to detect sickle-cell retinopathy from ultra-widefield fundus photography.

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Automated Classification and Segmentation of Laryngeal Lesions

Instance segmentation for detecting two types of laryngeal lesions in endoscopic video.

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Cataract Surgery Phase Identification

Contributed to a machine learning system for recognizing the current phase in cataract surgery from video as a step towards automated skill assessment.

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Learning a heuristic for solving the traveling salesman problem using Monte Carlo tree search and deep reinforcement learning, inspired by AlphaZero.

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Improving Realism and Diversity of Synthetic Activity Recognition Examples

Automating environment generation to produce better synthetic training examples for human activty recognition.

Structured Human Activity Recognition

Developed an approach to human activity recognition that exploits structure encoded by a spatio-temporal scene graph.